Content Management Systems are very useful in organizing content, which visitors to this website will recognize as this category is populated with articles. If you are looking for a way to organize a large website or a way to easily update a very small website, Luthernet can help. We build mobile-friendly websites that work at prices that work for you. While some fellow Lutherans have the gift of public speaking (and you can listen to them here), I have been blessed with the ability to create good-looking websites quickly. For example, this website was built in less than two days. The updating of the archives, however, will take a while, but archiving isn't my true gift. 

Visit for more information. A recent design can be found at

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If you want to read about my own family and how we try to remain satisfied without earthly riches, please take a look at Satisfamily.

If you happen across this website and you're not Lutheran but want a good web presence for your church, check out Brave New Church.

Brian Jaeger

The following is a test of the three methods we intend to use to archive services. Google Drive, Yourlisten, and Youtube.