When God talks about two houses, does He mean a summer home and a winter home? No. He’s really talking about the house divided – one that is built with two diametrically opposed thoughts or views. Right vs. wrong; good vs. evil; Satan vs. God. If these extreme contradictions continue to exist, there can be no satisfactory resolution to the differences of opinion. Listen as Pastor Thomas
Schmitt explains as he speaks on the theme “Two Houses.” 

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Recorded at: Trinity-Freistadt Lutheran Church

Recording Engineer: Todd A. Boettcher, CPBE

Liturgist: RevThomas Schmitt, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Glendale, WI

Choir Director: Trudy Schmalz

Guest Speaker: Rev. Thomas Schmitt, St. John’s Lutheran Church – Glendale, WI

Sermon Title: “Two Houses” (Mark 3:20-35)