Amidst the current uncertainties and violence in the world around us, the prayer “Lord have mercy” is most appropriate. In the midst of your own challenges and fears and difficulties, your illnesses and pain, you too can pray, “Have mercy on me, Lord.” For the Lord who hears is the Son of David, the Lord of all mercy. And He answers our prayer. Listen as Pastor Wangerin leads us with his message titled “Have Mercy on Me. O Lord.”

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Recorded at: Trinity-Freistadt Lutheran Church

Recording Engineer: Todd A. Boettcher, CPBE

Liturgist: Rev. Thomas Schmitt, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Glendale, WI

Choir Director: Trudy Schmalz

Guest Speaker: Rev. Mark Wangerin, Mount Olive Lutheran Church, Milwaukee, WI

Sermon Title: “Have Mercy on Me, O Lord” (Matthew 15:21-28)