We continue our celebration of Jesus’ glorious victory over death and the grave. It was Jesus’ resurrection from the dead which gave His otherwise cowering disciples the courage to go forth and proclaim the Gospel to the world, and to suffer all things – even death – rather than deny what they knew to be the truth. Jesus really IS the Christ, the Son of the living God and the only hope of salvation for sinful mankind. He proved it by conquering death itself!

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Recorded at: The Chapel at Wisconsin Lutheran College

Recording Engineer: Todd A. Boettcher, CPBE

Liturgist: Rev. David Peters, Epiphany Evangelical Lutheran Church; Racine, WI

Choir Director: Marie Zellmer

Guest Speaker: Rev. David G. Peters, Epiphany Lutheran Church; Racine, WI

Sermon Title: “Jesus Makes Promises to All Who Love Him!” (John 14:15-21)

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