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"Falling Down" by David Meece from Count the Cost

"Over and Over" by DeGarmo and Key from This Ain't Hollywood

"Blinded Eye" by Petra from Not of This World

"Shadows" by Larry Bryant from The Artist

"Just Believe" by Russ Taff from Walls of Glass

"Occupy" by Petra from Not of This World

"Go Ahead" by Bash 'N' the Code from Bash 'N' the Code

Each program has two announcers (co-hosts).  Each script was written by one of the hosts around a specific topic.  Music was selected, not because it was a current "hit," but rather because the lyrics reinforced the subject of the program. 

All programs originally aired on WKTI-FM radio in Milwaukee, but at various times were also broadcast on radio stations in Fond du Lac, WI, Fort Wayne, IN, St. Louis, MO,. 3 stations in the Philippine Islands (under the sponsorship of The Lutheran Hour of the Philippines), and worldwide on Armed Forces Radio Network.  Production of these programs was sponsored by the South Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.